Content: 8 Tablets (2 pillboxes of 4 tablets each)

PowerS’X, better known as PowerSex is a concentrated action supplement that works with PERIPHERAL VASODILATOR PROPERTIES, OFFERING A BETTER SEXUAL PERFORMANCE. Highly effective to maintain strong and lasting erections, as well as to delay ejaculation and the refractory time between orgasms.

PowerSex: Improved Quick Action Formula

WHAT IS DONE? It is a dietary supplement based on extracts of fruits, plants and amino acids, combining in a unique and exclusive formula, intensifying the virtues of the most recognized aphrodisiac nutrients that favor the production of hormonal factors that act in the body in a natural way to increase the desire and the sensation of sexual pleasure.

PowerS’X Contains:

L-Arginine: It is the amino acid responsible for enhancing the erection. This amino acid has shown that it is able to improve irrigation (after conversion to Nitric Oxide) and oxygenation of tissues, decreasing fatigue and increasing recovery.

Borojó: Natural fruit of the Colombian Chocoano forest, is famous for its aphrodisiac properties in men and women and recognized energizing.

Chontaduro: Powerful aphrodisiac, increases sexual desire and capacity. Guarana: Fruit native to the Colombian Amazon, famous for being an enhancer, energizing and revitalizing.


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